Saturday, 24 March 2018

Education Transformation History With IT : From 70s To 21st Century

Change does not essentially assure development, but development relentlessly requires change. Education is essential to change, for education creates both new wants and the ability to gratify them.

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There are assured set of moral belief and traditional value that are continued on from older generations to modern generation. But, due to latest trend and advancement in the education system, these values and belief are now falling apart. We all know that transformation is inevitable.
Based on this speculation the education system also requires undergo incredible change so that it can handle with the fast varying times. The ancient standards of reading, writing and learning have to be left behind in order to come up with new methodologies to utilize. 

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The world today is a global village and the education system of today revolves around this thought. Innovative education that enables to encourage an inventive mindset from an early age can play a crucial role in transforming many societies from low to high efficiency, from poverty to prosperity from being consumers to being producers of thoughts.
Educationalists from all the levels are coming to understand the benefits of diverse education management system. Actually, the sector of education is one of the last segments to create huge change by also keeping up the hold on traditional methods and practices. With the enhancement of educational technology and through the digital transformation, educators have started making extreme changes in their education management, assessments and even in the physical make-up of their classrooms as fast than expected. These advancements in 21st century’s education system are totally making headlines as they are impacting student learning from 70s learning:-

Technology Enables Some of the Transformation from 70s to 21st Century in Education System

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality

Those days are gone when students are about to sit quietly at their respective seats and concentrate on what teacher is saying. Now days, an educational technology is succeeding in making education interactive and collaborative. Virtual, mixed and augmented are examples of transformative technology that improve teacher knowledge while simultaneously creating enveloping lessons that are engaging the student and create fun while learning. Virtual reality enables to bring the outside world into the classroom and make the education easier.  

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Classroom Set of Devices

In recent time, student doesn’t have to go computer lab for the access to a computer and also moving away from bring your own device. Moreover, the enhancement in classroom sets of computers is shown in recent years. In today’s time, invasive online environment pose exciting potential and become very important for student to gain knowledge.

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Redesigned Learning Spaces

In 19th century, if you have noticed that the classrooms have rows of desk all pointing toward the blackboard of the room. Educators have decided to mimic the personnel of classroom, which has motivated them to develop collaborative-friendly environment to enhance student learning. 21st century classrooms are having tech-advanced smart boards instead of chalkboards. With the help of redesigned learning space, students are going on virtual trips while seating in the classroom by visualizing every moment of study instead of just looking normally.

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Blended Learning

We are capable to optimizing and customizing learning more now than ever. Education is personalized from school choice to the options accessible for how a student learns. Precise learning give more responsibilities on the student’s shoulder as it require less interaction with teachers and require more understanding within you by creating own methods of learning. Through personalized learning, student leads towards confidence and get knowledge to take great decisions.
Education Management Software

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Education transformation is not only shown in the learning of the student but also displayed for the enhancement of education management. With the help of these kinds of softwares, institutes get great way to manage their student data & information. These education management softwares keep the everything online which is totally secure and safe.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

You Know Me?

What do you think? 
You know me!! 

It's just your illusion 

I have never shown my own diffusion 

May be you think

You know me inside outside

It's not me, Just an another one
Who is dealing with a fake crowd. 

The person you have seen

May be different from profound

Going through the different world
Or may be sewing fairy thoughts

Eyes are open and mind is gnarled 

But I am living in my own phonetic world 

With the pirates coming out from the dark sea!!
And arriving the sea shore with golden key

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Ek Nayi Soch!!

Har lamhe me vo Baat hai
Jisme nayi zindgi ka ehsas hai
Is Mausam se kr Le tu pyar
Shyd Dubara na ho Ise Tjhe aitbaar

Na baith tu khamosh, kuch to Bol le
Abi bhi mauka hai, waqt ko rok le
Khwaisho ko na tol tu duniya ki moh Maya se
Ye ek bar hi jeete hain, Har rukh ko tu apne aur Mod le

Na bnaya Bhagwan ne Koi bandhan
To in namunasif hathkadiyo ko tu Khol le
Azad panchi ki Tarah asman me udh chal
Apni Har kamyabi ko Dil se jod le
-Niharika Mishra